Parallel Reality : There Is Always Another Us In The Present Moment

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Recently I have been very intrigued to gain a much deeper understanding about this topic. I'm sure not only me but you have also questioned things like : "What if I did things differently?"
"What if I didn't run to that place?";
"What if I decided to just be quiet and not ruin the conversation?"
"What if I submitted that task on time?"
"What if this?"
"What if that?"
"What if?"

For those who have opposed questions like those I'm sure they understand that every actions we choose will have certain impact towards the reality that happens to us. Even a tiny single movements will create a change in 'alternate reality' or 'parallel reality'. Some people will also call it 'parallel universe'.

From the physic standpoint it is more likely that we have a multiverse than a universe. The only point is that we cannot prove this because we cannot look outside the one we live in. For me, every possible reality exists in time. 'Everything that was' and 'everything that is going to be' exists somewhere at the same time. So, every possibility is somewhere out there and our mind is the only one who is able to shift or wander between those realities. 

We control this with our thoughts. So if you want to live or to be a certain way, you have to first start to think and believe that you can be or live like that. After you start to imagine your life a certain way, your subconscious mind is going to minimize the gap between the reality you are experiencing and the one you choose to live in. This is happening in form of your actions, and your actions are controlled by your mind or by the way you think. So in other words, you become what you think. 

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Don't be. Now let's look at it from a perspective of using the analogy or metaphors of "Looking at Television". You know that when you're watching television, there are different channels you can watch. The channel that you watch will depend on which channel that you choose. 

Now, in the same way, each of those channels is a different parallel reality. They all exist now in this moment just like you know, that in the moment you're watching the television you could watch NBC, BBC, ESPN, or whatever that is, you can watch any of those depending on which channel you tune to. But those channels exist in this moment right now in the same way every parallel reality you can imagine exist right now. 

To be continued...


  1. when i wrote this comment, there was a parallel universe of another me hesitated to write a comment on your blog

    1. Exactly, and also even there was another 'you' who doesn't know about my blog at all lol but you're here anyway.

    2. and here i am waiting for your next chapter of this topic, while maybe there is another you who dont wanna continue this blog anymore, but i hope you are not that "you"

  2. been over a month and still no signs of the author. could she got sucked by a blackhole and transported to another parallel reality ??

    1. Well she constantly transferred to another parallel reality every second tho. But she just keep it cool, lol.

    2. getting constantly transferred to other realities.. does it mean you are currently looking for something ?? or you are lost and trying to find a way back home ??

    3. Every seconds that tick I am looking for something. 24/7/365.


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