The Day I Got Mysterious Package

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I was sitting here staring at my computer scrolling through thousands of data records when Mba Fitri, our cleaning assistant came unto me and handed me 4 packages. Yes, I ordered few cosmetics online on Monday and today (Wednesday) it has came. Oh what a fast service! That's what I thought. But then I saw there's this bigger box among others and it didn't even look like any of the cosmetics that I ordered. It was covered in a black plastic wrap with weight less than 1 kg. Then I carefully examined that package, and I read the consignment note to find out who is it from. I saw that he did put his name on it, his address, and also his number. Yeah, it's a 'he' because the name that is written on it is 'Nick W'. That's the only thing I can be sure of by now. 

I couldn't guess of what's inside the package as I literally had no idea that I would receive that kind of thing and I don't exepct any as well. I tried to recall all memories where and when I might have met this person named Nick W. but nothing that does ring a bell for me. And then I read the consignment note once again and found out that what's inside is some kind of cookies, eventhough it's not specifically mentioned. So I grabbed a scissor, I cut the edge, tore the wrap while also shaking it once in a while to guess what it might be based on the cracking sounds it made and to ensure myself that it is not somehow a bomb (yeah, laugh at me you). After the edge was completely torn, then I saw that it was a box of Pie Susu from Bali.

I got a little bit excited but more to be confused as I perfectly and clearly remember that I don't have any friend whom I regularly talk to that goes to Bali. No one in my circle has told me that they would go to Bali around this month. And then I instantly told all my flatmates in a group chat and I sent them some pictures of it too. One friend told me that the pie might contain poison or some black magic love-charm which can affect my consciousness towards the sender (only if I knew him, lol).

Curious and eager by who might have kindly sent me that package, then I  saved his number on my phone to check out if he has a WhatsApp contact. Turned out he has but my message wasn't sent. I called the number but it says that the number is incorrect. I have no idea on how to deal with this package now. So I decided to just keep it and bring home later.

Once I got home, I put all my stuffs in my room and bring the package to my friend's room with intention to unbox it there. I put it out from the bag, took it out from the plastic package and carefully started to pick those pies one by one. There were 12 pieces of pie and each were sealed in a plastic wrap. I removed the first 3 from the box, and when I got to remove the next 3 then I saw there was a small piece of paper tucked inside. Oh my I couldn't be more excited!! Me and my two friends screamed very loud when I pulled the paper out. I lowkey wished that it would be a small love letter, but apparently this is what was written on it:

To: Fathyah

I. Pie Susu

This is one of the most famous culinaries from Bali. 
You should give it a try!!

Nick Wilde

What a small note. 

At this point I did still try to recognize whose handwriting is this would be. But I got nothing. We read it again and again and we also tried to interprete what does the "I. Pie Susu" mean. A friend suggested that it might be the first chapter of it all, and there would be another chapter. Chapter II, chapter III, chapter IV and so on. Another chapter of mysterious package? Oh let's hope not. 

Yeah, well... 
I don't know. Perhaps so, and perhaps not. There's no use to guess it any further now. Well at least he did put that small note and let me know his handwriting. Not just to leave it all without nothing like ghosting someone. But whoever he is, he maybe reading this post now and I just want to ask, "Why don't you just text me and arrange to meet me to give me that pie?" Because I personally think that sending it through a courier while we stay in the same city is, such, a, waste, of, money. You can save it for later and another better thing. And now I will show you how the package looked like and what's inside it:

'The Package'

So what do you think guys? If you were me, what would you do? And how would you react? To just leave it or try to find out who might the person be?

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