New Year Resolutions : Things To Be Concerned Before You Set Up Yearly Goals

The New Year of 2017 is approaching us and for most people, it is the perfect time to construct some objectives to be achieved for the next year. Apparently, it doesn't have to be that way. You don't need to pass the new year's eve to finally starting to work on your new goals. Everyday is a new day and a total new chance for you, for me and for us to arrange new aims and attempts to achieve it. Even though most people are willingly wait for the year-shifting moment to start making a big milestone of their life-accomplishments, you don't have to.

So now here I am about to deliver some things that you could (or must) be concerned about before finally writing the list, they are :

Essential : God always comes before anything else. Juxtapose ourselves towards God in order to have a happy life. It is He who created us and it is He who knows the best thing for us and the perfect time to have it. And do you know how to get everything you want in this life? Bribe the life's owner.

Improve your connection with Allah (Hablu Min Allah) by never miss the 5 times prayer, or even consistently do Sunnah prayer once in a day, or starting to do Tahajjud by once in a week, then increase it to twice in a week, and so on. One tip from me that I did in the past to manifest this is by making a 'control card' which contains checkbox of things that must be done daily such as how many times we have to recite Quran and other activities. By doing this consistently in hope to be closer to God In Shaa Allah we will feel the positive change in our life.
Next, before doing self-development and skill enhancement which will be focusing on our positive features, it's better to mitigate our shortcomings first that is (we know for sure) annoying for some people. Nobody's perfect, right? Imagine yourself as a glass. I equate the dirt as our self shortcomings. Every time you learn means you fill the glass with water. But who can guarantee that the glass is always clean? 

Also ladies, remember that our tongue can be very poisonous to others. Realize that sometimes we say things that hurtful for others. We may think that what we say means nothing but some people may be sensitive to us. So please, I encourage you and myself to wear hijab, not just hijab for the head but also hijab for the tongue. Don't say mean things. You should rather be quiet than speak bad about or to someone. 

And the best advice from me for you guys who wants to set up some goals is to not invest too much on unimportant things and unimportant person. Avoid fake friends. Invest your own self. Become a better person, be a better friend. 

Prepare yourself to be what you want to be. For my sisters out there, please prepare yourself to be a good wife. This year you must have that wife-materials in you! Just prepare yourself with qualities that you want your partner (to-be) have. Because, rather than focusing on seeking the perfect candidates, why don't try to BE the perfect one? 

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