Reasons On Why You Need To Have New Year Resolutions

Resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Besides, resolution is the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter. Year 2016 is slowly withdrawing itself leaving us into the novel and season full of challenges. Another journey is about to begin. Now we may ask ourselves; how far the journey we've set before this year begins that we had traveled? 

Some might wonder what's the predominant of setting up goals in our life. Some prefer to live their life going on with the flow. No constrains, no problems. But hey guess what? Only dead fish go with the flow. Once we have the goals in mind, we can control our life (but of course Allah Azza Wajalla is the best planner). It is necessary to understand that every soul has its own desires. Every body has its own needs, that is why we must comprehend why we need to set objectives? Here are some reasons :

Your goals help you to not wasting time

Setting goals simply mean that you set some priorities in your  life. Once you know what are your priorities to be done in the certain amount of time, then you will stick to that goal and focus to manifest it therefore you won't be wasting time. Without goals, we won't have a clear destination of where we reflect ourselves will be, otherwise we only be gyrating in the same orbit like a hamster in a wheel. It doesn't take you to a further destination but only wasting your time and energy.

Resolutions encourage you to be proactive

Having list of things you want to achieve will make you become someone proactive rather than just taking-initiative. You'll learn to be responsible of your own behavior, whether it's in the past, present or in the future. Once you become proactive you'll become a person that relatively ineffectible (I just created this word and I'm proud) by the power of situation around you, and when you learn to cope it and take it to the next level you will even influence the change to emerge in your circle.

Give you strength to struggle and survive

We all know that there is no flat mountain to climb. There is no smooth road that leads to the sublime view. The beautiful destination we portray in our mind about the goals we want to achieve, those are the things that motivate us to keep cycling our bike until this very now. Because no matter how miserable life is, as long as we keep the sparks in ourselves we will live!

Provide ups and downs for your life

The journey you take in manifesting your goals will bring its uniqueness and bring you to experience things that (absolutely) you haven't done before. At one time you may feel exhausted because of the pressure you got to bring your dreams into reality but trust me; your sweat will never betrays you. The relief always comes after the hardship and that is waaayy much better than constantly walking on that same road every single day.

Lastly, you will become a successful one!

Aside from the meaning of success according to certain people, success essentially is the realization of achieving our goals. You won't be a great person without some achievements you made in your life. And if you are a fish.. I'm sure that you will never reach your destination if you ONLY go with the bloody flow. But let's not be a fish for the next year shall we?

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