22nd Birthday Post

Looking back, I realized that I've been through so much good things (bad ones also, but I don't count it) through the years. Almost 4 years ago when I was getting the job I am on right now without even having any degree. Blessed? I totally am.

I never take concern on such thing as coincidence. That's just doesn't make sense to override God's majesty on every levels and aspects of our life. What I do believe is that this universe is not ruling by itself. It is what it is today because God has allowed it to happen that certain way.

The past few years I have been meeting A LOT of cool people who really are not just amazing but also inspiring. And by that somehow myself had assured me that the coolness I got from them must be transmitted into other people too. Like an endless ripple.

See, the thing of being 20-ish is that you feel like you're already mature enough but inside you also couldn't refrain the inner child who wants to keep playing and singing all the time. But it's fun tho, actually. At least for me. Because somehow you need the balance.

What can I say?
There's no need to complain. Because the more you complain the lesser you will see the beauty of your life. Which is not good, for me. What most important for now is being grateful at its best and in constant. Being born Muslim is one of the greatest blessing from Allah for me. And now I'm 22, I can tell you this religion that I take as my faith isn't inheritance from my family but rather is my choice as one true human being with healthy physic and mind. You got my point, don't you?

I know this post maybe kind of messy because I have no point in it but I just want to mark this day as the day that I must increase my faith and my gratefulness (shukr) for today is also the 11th day of Ramadhan 2017.

How quick time has passed.

Here's me being so happy few weeks prior to me turning 22 :

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