Pre London-Escape : Anxiety

It's a week left before my departure and I haven't got any place to stay yet. Ugh! Not that I don't put out any effort in looking for any accommodation, which by the way I did, and have been, but nothing has ring the bell for me. 

Since I'm a verified Couchsurfing user (proudly to say that), so of course Couchsurfing would be my very first option of my accommodation there. I have sent, 6 requests to female hosts, and none of them accepted me. Three of them already declined my request, well actually four, yet still hearing nothing from the others. I also got a few offers tho, actually, but all from male hosts. Unfortunately, I don't think I would give it any consideration. Besides of religious issue, I worry about my safety too. And my freedom to open hair inside the house as I'm a hijabi. Hahaha. Yeah that is important tho. 

If by mid next week I still haven't found any host on Couchsurfing yet, then AirBnB will be my second option. And Wisma Indonesia will be the third, as it is a bit pricey, according to my pocket. 

Well yeah, let's see then. I'll keep my blog updated about it. Wish me luck! 


  1. hai mbak vathyah,

    pengen baca cerita during your stay in London dong as a solo woman traveler. Hehehe.

    InsyaAllah aku juga mau ke London October ini sendirian.

    Habis baca cerita ttg pengalaman membuat visa nya mbak, aku jadi tertarik sama cerita mbak di London.

    Sama ni lagi anxiety takut Visa ditolak.


    1. Hello Mba Ratna, iya aku udah garap draft nya tapi belum rampung juga karena susah fokus untuk nge-blog akhir-akhir ini. But i'll try my best ya..! Anyway safe flight and have an amazing time in London!


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