Pre London-Escape : Anxiety

It's a week left before my departure and I haven't got any place to stay yet. Ugh! Not that I don't put out any effort in looking for any accommodation, which by the way I did, and have been, but nothing has ring the bell for me. 

Since I'm a verified Couchsurfing user (proudly to say that), so of course Couchsurfing would be my very first option of my accommodation there. I have sent, 6 requests to female hosts, and none of them accepted me. Three of them already declined my request, well actually four, yet still hearing nothing from the others. I also got a few offers tho, actually, but all from male hosts. Unfortunately, I don't think I would give it any consideration. Besides of religious issue, I worry about my safety too. And my freedom to open hair inside the house as I'm a hijabi. Hahaha. Yeah that is important tho. 

If by mid next week I still haven't found any host on Couchsurfing yet, then AirBnB will be my second option. And Wisma Indonesia will be the third, as it is a bit pricey, according to my pocket. 

Well yeah, let's see then. I'll keep my blog updated about it. Wish me luck! 

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