Pre London-Escape : Butterflies in The Stomach

Call me extra, but I got butterflies in my stomach already though it's still 3 days left to my departure. How wouldn't I? This will be my first time going abroad in the past 12 years and in my adult age. And thinking that I'm about to meet someone whom I've been admiring for the past 12 months, it got my stomach twisted even more. You know that feeling, right? 

It's like... 
Seeing a beautiful place that you've been only seeing in the picture. Or like digging up the soils and found a gold underneath. Or even worse, like performing your favorite poem or speech that you've been training in front of mirror for a very long time. Now that is not applicable if you're already are a performer. 

Yeah anyway, that's just how it is. This is actually so much fun having the moods got upside down while you have to stay clear-minded because other shits can't just finish themselves. So hard work is all on deck. 

One more thing, I am confused on should I or should I not bringing a small rice cooker there since I'm a rice eater? I will bring mom's rendang, definitely, so I need rice. Thought I may can just cook it there :/

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