London-Escape : Officially Abroad

And here I am right now, window sitting on a plane to London. No more nervous, no more butterflies in the stomach. It was all gone when I entered the flight to Vietnam instantly for transit. Okay so currently this plane is flying above Turkmenistan, still 3,195 miles until London. And one thing for sure, this plane is getting away from the sun, cause it should be 7.15 am already in Jakarta, and I have been flying for 7 hours and haven’t found the sunlight.

The layover in Vietnam was beyond my expectation. Thanks to Couchsurfing (again), I met a Viet guy who offered me for a short tour outside airport and apparently he works in the airport itself. And I also met 2 Indonesian girls who was sitting in front of me inside the airplane but we just got the nerve to converse once we landed in Vietnam, and one of the girls has the same obsession with me : Classic English Romance. Never thought I could meet anyone that shares the same obsession with me but I finally did.

Now I’m questioning my decision for choosing the window seat for a long flight, was I doing a good job? Cause I’m in the need to go the toilet now but there is cute old couple beside me who sleep so tight and I don’t feel like want to wake them up. All thirsty, and my face is quite dry now.

On a plane to London
7.20 am, October 7th 2017 (Indonesian time)

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